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INN Members

The INN members are amongst the leading players in their field in the markets that they are present in. There is significant member nursery tree export activity in North America and Europe extending into Eastern Europe, North Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East. The international customer base of the members is circa 7,000 grower entities.

The INN members are both long standing and experienced in their respective industries. The members have been working together for more than 20years, they are:

ANA Chile – Viveros Asociados Chile Ltd

C.I.V. – Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti

Dalival Holding

Dalival Holding

[email protected]

Beijing IFO Fruit Technology Limited Liability Company

Emmanuel de Lapparent

[email protected]

+33 6 08 54 11 37

Graham’s Factree Pty Ltd

Waimea Variety Management

Dalival SAS

Domaine de Castang SAS

Philippe Herman & Jean Champeix

[email protected]

+33 5 53 23 50 00

Willow Drive Nursery

Adams County Nursery