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New Direction for the International New Varieties Network (INN)

New Direction for the International New Varieties Network (INN)

Always looking towards the future, The International New Varieties Network (INN) has undertaken a strategic review to ensure that the business continues to support the global industry into the future. This has resulted in the new mission for INN ‘To connect the Global fruit industry to New Varieties’ and a clear driver to be the first-choice partner for breeders, IP managers and marketing companies in the commercialisation and development of new varieties of Apple, Pears and Cherries or Tree Fruit.


This means moving INN from a network of businesses to a centralised structure that will support globally coordinated distribution, evaluation and development of new varieties and brands.


“Our job has always been to support the global fruit industry to find better varieties for producers, marketers and consumers. We are now building on our existing network capabilities to support new variety development with a global view and to manage and coordinate new developments as one group” said Bruno Simpson, Chair of INN.


To support INN’s new mission Garry Langford has taken on the role of General Manager. Garry’s role is to support the existing and extensive member expertise, and also provides INN with the capability to be engaged directly in all facets of the variety development process from distribution and testing through to licencing the commercialisation of new varieties internationally. “I have been working with many of the INN members in my previous roles and I am very much enjoying working to develop opportunities for variety owners, INN and our fruit industry partners around the world” said Garry Langford.


Garry Langford has been involved in the Fruit industry in Australia and internationally for the past 35 years. He has extensive experience in the creation, selection, management and commercialisation of new varieties in Australia and around the world. He was a founding director of Prevar (the company that developed and licenced the varieties behind the apple brands Dazzle®, Smitten®, Rockit® and more) and supported the continued development of the Pink Lady® brand globally, through his role as the head of IP at Apple and Pear Australia (APAL) (the owner of the Pink Lady® trade marks).


“We are pleased to have secured the skills of Garry Langford to support our new mission. With the geographic reach of the group, our unrivalled production capabilities and now with Garry’s experience we are excited about what the future holds for INN, our members and the global industry as we secure and introduce new varieties to meet the ever-changing needs of the market” said Bruno Simpson, Chair of INN.


INN has also adopted a new brand identity and website to support our new focus. INN’s website provides more information about the service it offers and the history and membership of the group.


The International New Varieties Network (INN) was established in 1996 by a group of nurseries based in France, Italy and the United States to cooperate on the development of new varieties of Apples, Pears, Cherries and other Stonefruit. It has since added further members in Chile, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa ensuring that the group covers the major growing areas of the world. The Activities of the members are managed by highly committed professionals with significant experience in a wide range of disciplines, including the development of new and unique varieties, nursery production and variety commercialisation.


Members of INN have developed several key varieties and brands around the world including Aztec Fuji, Modi®, Kissabel®, Royal Red Honeycrisp (LJ-1000), Galaval and have worked with others to introduce Rosy Glow and Lady in Red into the Pink Lady® brand (in most territories)