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New Members of International New-Varieties Network LLC

New Members of International New-Varieties Network LLC

The International New-Varieties Network LLC (INN) is pleased to announce that two new members have joined the company. Adams County Nursery, Pennsylvania and Cameron Nursery, Washington, USA, both are longstanding businesses with strong links to the North American fruit industry.

These new members bring significant experience and expertise as multi-generational family businesses operated by talented and dedicated individuals to INN, said INN General Manager, Garry Langford. With a strong focus on producing high quality trees and rootstocks of the latest cultivar and rootstock choices for supply to growers across North America.

We are excited to join INN, a group of industry leading nurseries and variety innovators and are particularly excited to build relationships and gain access to new varieties for testing in our region. We are hopeful to find good fits for our Eastern growers, said Jen Baugher Benton, President of Adams County Nursery.

As a vendor to growers across North America, Cameron Nursery enjoys its supporting role in the fruit industry said Todd Cameron. The relationships built over the past four decades, as well as those sought out today, are of the utmost value and importance and we are looking forward to building these further as part of INN.

INN continues to be very focused on its mission “to connect the global fruit industry to new varieties”

Garry Langford
General Manager